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Spumante Brut Rosè

Sparkle technique

Re-fermentation at a cool temperature and subsequent brief contact with the pomace, kept in suspension with a special agitator.


In the bottle for no less than three months in air-conditioned rooms. It doesn’t require any special development, but with time takes on an elegant, mellow coppery tint, the sign of completed maturation.


Evanescent sparkle, persistent perlage, pale pink color; the slow ascent of the tiny bubbles creates variegated glints ranging from silvery magenta to pearly pink.


Characteristically fruity and floral, with notes of rose and vine blossom; a light but noticeable scent of Traminer.


Dry, lively, balanced, moderately robust, refined.

Alcohol content

12.50% by volume.

Serving temperature

8-10°C, 46-50°F.


To drink throughout a meal, excellent with pink meats and all seafood dishes, especially Italian ones big on personality like stewed cod and Livorno-style fish soup.

Tagliatelle with yellow tomatoes & anchovy crumbles