Sustainable Production Code

1. No use of additives, adjuvants or stabilizers (with the exception of sulphites in doses much below EU standards) and no use of animal proteins.

2. Biodiversity protection, sustainable and precision agriculture with state-of-the-art technology.

3. Spontaneous stabilization of single vineyard and “riserva” level wines

4. Certified VIVA, IFS, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001:2015

Carpineto is prodigiously carbon positive

500 ha of land (200 ha of woods) sustainably farmed, certified IFS and ISO 9001


 Our woods and vineyards absorb 26% more CO2 than we produce*

*Study based on the 2017 calendar year. CO2 consumption 2,427,702 kg/eq; CO2 removal 3,065,194 kg/eq, for a net positive balance of 637,492 kg/eq, or 26,3% of the total.

VIVA Certification

As proof of improved supply chain management and performance, we obtained VIVA certification in 2022 by joining the project “The Sustainability of Wine Growing in Italy”.

Certificate ISO14001:2015

Carpineto has obtained ISO 14001 certification, which covers the ageing and bottling of our wines.

 This is another step to demonstrate our concrete commitment to limiting the impact of our production activities on the environment.

To achieve these objectives we follow our very own strict production code:

Extreme attention to the preservation of our biodiversity

Rationalisation and timeliness in grape harvesting operations to ensure their maximum quality and health.
Daily monitoring of temperatures and analytical data of musts and wines during fermentation
Use of selected natural yeasts to ensure fermentation processes free from the production of harmful substances such as endogenous amines.